We strive to produce the total dog, combining correct conformation, working ability, temperament, and health.  We believe all of these qualities are very important, not just one or two of them.  All of our dogs used in our breeding program have appropriate health testing done before breeding, and we also train, show, and trial our dogs. We have both show and working lines and believe both lines have a lot to offer the breed.  

Ashley has been training dogs professionally for over 10 years.  She competes in schutzhund (IPO) and AKC obedience with her dogs and client dogs and has attained SchHA, BH, and CD titles.  She is also an AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator and therapy dog evaluator.  Educationally she has a bachelor of science degree in animal science, attended the Tom Rose School for Professional Dog Trainers, and has attended seminars with Ivan Balabanov, Shade Whitesal, Dean Calderon, Nate Harves, Mike Diehl,  Stefan Schaub, and Bart Bellon, all world competitors in dog sports.


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