We also offer advanced training options...


  • Personal Protection

  • Competitive Obedience

  • Puppy Starting/Imprinting


Contact us for more information about any of our training options.  These options are made available in both private lessons and in kennel training.  Generally the specialized options will be considered a "boot camp" type in kennel training and will be priced accordingly at $1575/month.  Time needed to complete the training program will depend on the type of training and the dog.  An evaluation is always required prior to beginning any protection training.  Not all dogs are suitable for protection work.  To schedule an evaluation, feel free to contact us.

Personal Protection


Personal protection dogs vary greatly in their abilities.  Some dogs are trained only to alert and threaten.  Others are trained very extensively to protect their owner using any means necessary.  Any personal protection dog must have very good, reliable obedience.  Whatever your needs, we can help you evaluate and train your dog or supply you with an already trained dog.  


Our protection trained dogs start at $5,000 and price increases depending on training involved.  if you are interested in a personal protection dog please contact us.  If we do not have what you are looking for we can locate it for you.











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