"B" Litter


Sire: Ch Semper Fidelis Duke IPO1                                                                                   X
Dam: Bazille vom Hexenzauber IPO2

Born September 27, 2015

2 Red Males

1 Red Female

2 Black Females


All puppies spoken for


This litter is extremely exciting for us.  This should be a very well balanced litter in both temperament and conformation.  We are hoping to improve conformation while keepng the wonderful working ability both parents exhibit.  This is one of the very few litters in the US with both parents being titled in IPO.  We have very big plans for this litter and will be keeping back one or two puppies for ourselves. 


We place temperament and health at the top of our priorities, along with working ability and conformation.  All aspects are important in the Doberman, and we believe with hard work, dedication, research, health testing, training, and titling we can eventually have all of these aspects in the Doberman.


There are many excellent dogs in the pedigree of this litter.  Grandsire F'Hiram Abif Royal Bell is a very famous stud used by many well known breeders to improve both working temperament and conformation.  F'Hiram was titled in both French ring and IPO, and was also an international champion in conformation.  The grandsire on the mother's side is from the well respected Manfred Lerner.  He is an incredibly successful breeder of working Dobermans.  Vasco has his IPO3 and FH2 (a very difficult tracking title) and has competed in the ODK Meisterschaften and the DHV Deuche Meisterschaften. The granddam on the mother's side, Wilma v Eschenbruch, is an extremely accomplished female, competing in the DV German Championships three times and placing 2nd, 4th, and 6th.  She also placed 3rd in the 2013 IDC championship.


Duke himself is a wonderful representative of the breed.  He has correct conformation and correct Doberman temperament.  He is not a dog that solicits petting from strangers, but is accepting of them if also accepted by me. He alerts that visitors are present.  His bitework is nice, solid grips and very fast on the long bite and escape.  Duke's health is excellent so far.  He is very athletic and is often mistaken to be much younger than 7 years old.  His 24-hour holter earlier this year was normal, along with his thyroid panel.  We hope he continues to enjoy good health for many years to come.


Baz is an excellent working dog.  She has a very convincing bark and hold, and has full grips with very fast entries.  Her obedience is very flashy and she is happy to please.  Baz is a joy to work as she loves to please.  She has a very good alert bark, but is fine with people handling her. 


With this phenomenal pedigree I'm sure you can see why we are so excited about this upcoming litter.  If you are interested in the litter please contact us so that we can learn more about you and if a puppy from this litter would be suitable,  We already have several puppies reserved from this litter.



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