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"C" Litter


Sire: Striker von Asgard                                                                                                      X
Dam: Bazille vom Hexenzauber IPO2


Puppies born March 15, 2016


2 Black & Rust Males

1 Red & Rust Male



This is a litter planned for strong IPO, or other bite sports, and personal protection prospects.  The litter is bred 4-5 on Alfred von der Urftquelle IPO3, SchH3, FH.  Alfred won the IDC and placed 3rd in the DV-DM in 1999 (286 points).  He also placed 18th in the VDH-DM (all breed)  with 279 points.  Alfred unfortunately did not live long due to severe pneumonia.


Striker himself is an excellent protection dog.  He has a very intimidating and commanding presence, as a Doberman should.  He will work on a sleeve or suit and will work in a muzzle with no equipment.  Striker has very good nerve strength, high prey drive, and high fight drive.  He is not a social dog with people besides his family, however, and is not a dog that anyone can come up and pet. He allows handling by others when required. In my opinion this is good Doberman temperament, although many would disagree.  He is a serious dog with a dominant personality.  


Bazille has her IPO2 and is a very nice sport dog.  She has high prey drive, very fast entries and solid grips.  Bark and hold is convincing and attentive.  She is not bothered by environmental factors and is a social dog, easily handled by other people.  Her pedigree is full of very good working dogs and healthy dogs. 


I have a daughter of Striker from an outside bitch and she is extremely promising.  She has high prey drive, naturally full, solid grips, and is quick to learn with good food drive.  She is still young, but I expect to see more seriousness to the work come as she matures.  I also had the good fortune to have one of his sons from an outside bitch with me for a while.  He was extremely quick to learn, lots of food drive, very solid temperament.  The puppies from Bazille have been very social and outgoing with good food and prey drives.         


I expect these puppies to be very high in prey drive and food drive.  Experienced homes are a must for these puppies, working homes only.