Elitehaus Daenarys

Sire: CH Semper Fidelis Duke IPO1

HD-0, ED-0, vWD clear, OFA thyroid normal, 24-hour holter normal

Dam: Golden Gaia v Noblesshof IPO1

HD-A, vWD clear, thyroid normal (MSU), 24-hour holter normal

DOB: April 2, 2016

vWD clear by parentage

Daenarys is a very promising sport prospect.  We are hanging on to her until we can find the right home for her that will be able to utilize her talents.  This girl has high prey drive and deals with pressure very well while gripping.  She's beginning to counter well and has moved to different equipment easily, so none of the usual equipment bias issues.  

She does well with other dogs and is very social with both animals and people.  She will be started in our sport training program early December. 

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