Striker von Asgard




DOB: October 16, 2009

Sire: Panzer von Asgard PD K-9 Cert., ASR-EL

Dam: Danika vom Kathedrale



Hips good (OFA)

Elbows normal (OFA)

vWD clear

24-hour Holter normal (2015)

"Striker" is exactly what I think of as the "perfect" Doberman.  While there are no perfect dogs, this boy is very close.  He is a very confident, driven dog.  He has very fast entries, incredible strikes, and has true fight drive against the helper.  He does not care about equipment and will bite a sleeve, suit, or the man.  He does very nice muzzle work, as well. He has no problem with pressure in bitework.  He just fights harder!


We were very excited to acquire this boy.  He has produced some very nice working dogs so far and we are happy to have him in our breeding program.  Please view his progeny photos at the bottom of his page.  You may also visit "Violet" in our kennel, one of his daughters.


Please also enjoy his videos at the bottom of the page....

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